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Connecting people on the brink of greatness

August’s Blog Topic: Listening

Trying, Failing, and Trying Again

Failure. It’s amazing how those seven letters can cause my stomach to churn, leaving me paralyzed and unable to focus. The mere thought of failing swarms my mind with all [...]

Of Grasshoppers and Ants: A Farewell

As summer winds down, I’ve got just one question: Where did the whole thing go? When my graduate classes let out in early May, not to resume until the end [...]

The Heart of the Subject

As a photographer, I am always “putting myself out there” in terms of sharing my creative vision and documenting the way I see the world. It’s a risk to be vulnerable like [...]

Birds Remind Me

I’ve noticed that birds are always chirping, but that the noise I choose to hear often blocks out their sounds. While riding my bike to work this morning, my mind [...]
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