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Melissa Kong

Located in Chicago, IL, USA
In 2013, I'm going to post written content or an image every single day on my personal blog. Every. Single. Day.

Leap Stories & Lessons

The goal of the daily blog is to capture and share the story of a 20-something passionately exploring the issues that everyone wishes they better understood: politics, health & wellness, religion, love, family, friendship, personal finance, financial markets, career success, branding, time management, social media, powerful storytelling, and entrepreneurship.

Why the big leap in 2013? Because it's too hard to learn and understand basic issues that we all deserve and need to know more about. Take politics, for instance. You could learn something about liberal and conservative stances from a news article or biography - but it takes a lot of work to learn, in a full and unbiased way, about political discourse and party similarities and differences. So what happens? People become discouraged. People "drop out" of the learning cycle. People often feel disempowered and uninformed. That's true of just about every important area in life: getting healthy, understanding religion, finding your career and personal passions, developing healthy relationships, understanding markets, and managing your personal finances.

I want to take my passion for learning and hoarding knowledge, and curate it all in daily, digestible bites. My hope is that many other 20- and 30-somethings out there come along on the magical journey of world- and self-exploration with me. To become happier, healthier, and well-informed individuals that go on and change the world through a more thorough understanding of the world, and by doing more of what they love.


I used to think it was hard to write. What I'm realizing is that I made it hard to write. I always gave myself an out: "I'm too busy" or "I'm too tired." But isn't it true that we either find a way or we find an excuse? I wanted to write more because writing makes me feel alive, joyful, creative, and in tune with the world; so I decided to give myself no outs. That's where my leap year project came in: I made it a goal to post something on my blog every single day in 2013. I'm 17 days into 2013 now, and I haven't missed a single day.

The craziest lesson I'm learning is that I have more to write about, not less. It's because when you set an intention to do something, it manifests itself in ways you couldn't even begin to dream up on your own. I am beginning to see the world differently. I am beginning to notice the beauty in tiny, stolen moments. I am savoring life and its lessons so much more. That's what happens when you have to write all of the time: something small that a friend says in passing leads you to reflect on what it means to you, what it means to your friend, and potentially what it means to the rest of the world. I'm learning that it's not even so much about what you write; it's about what you notice, the lessons you pick up on, and the way you come to savor the moments of your life as a result of it all.

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