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LYP News Update – April

by / April 3, 2012

As the seasons change, so too do our mentalities. Have you ever noticed how people in spring are suddenly much cheerier when they can get outside and enjoy their communities, green spaces, and friends? Spring cleaning coincides with that same burst of motivation. Why, just this past weekend I donated, sold, or tossed 59 shirts of mine in an attempt to downsize my life, as part of my leap. Once I realized I was hoarding things for no good reason, change seemed in order. A lot of Leapers are looking for change, and we’re here to help! But first, we’re asking for yours.

Are you an awesome, inspiring, and engaging writer? We’re building a strong team of writers to get the word of the Project out, to inspire others, to offer them help with their leaps, and bring people together with their crazy and brilliant ideas. Go here and fill out the Work With Us form to tell us more about yourself!

Seen any #LYPROJECT stickers popping up lately? If so, great! If not, we want your help getting them out there! Direct Message or tweet us your address on Twitter and we’ll send you a few to share with your community.

Leapyear Project founder Victor Saad is offering a class in partnership with you can learn more and sign up here.

Victor is also speaking at The Ideation Conference in Chicago, which runs from May 7-9 and focuses on creative ways to practically implement ideas for positive social change. Contact us to learn how you can save 15% on registration!

And soon we’ll have an exciting video for you sharing Victor’s travels in the Middle East. Keep your eyes peeled.

Mallory Hallmark // Nixa, MO
Donate at least 1,000 lbs total of food and clothes to local shelters.

Jourdain Bagby // Springfield, MO
A few boys in my youth group and i will be collecting food and clothing for grand oaks mission in Springfield missouri.

Sarah Wheeler // Chicago, IL // @sk_wheels
Become a runner! By the end of 2012 I want to be able to run 5 miles comfortably. To start, run a 5k at an 8 min/mile pace then on to a 10k! Maybe the warrior dash in between ;)

Kelly Pratt // Chicago, IL // @kelly_pratt
Use my love of sandwiches to bring people together and share awesome conversations around the dinner table

David Biederbeck // Goodyear, AZ // @biederbecker
My leap is helping a non-profit with their motion graphics.

Carson Nyquist // Madison, WI // @carsonnyquist
Finish Masters degree. Publish book with Moody Press. Network and fundraise for sex-trafficking non-proft, 5-Stones. Join the ministry at Madison Alliance Church. International photography/storytelling with Avant Ministries.

What change or personal strides are you setting out to accomplish this spring? We want to know!

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