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LYP Book Wins Award

Good news! The Leap Year Project Book was chosen to receive the 2014 U360 Award. A prominent paper distributor, Appleton Coated, annually curates a panel of designers who judges  300+ entries from [...]

The Perseverance is Right

Many people think that working from home means pajamas and TV game shows, but for me, it could not be further from the truth. It has been almost two years since I [...]

The Quantum Leap

One year ago, I quit my day job (as a nanny) to pursue my “other” job (being a photographer) full time. I wasn’t scared, to be honest. I was excited [...]

Why We Persevere

Full disclosure here: I am a graduate student. In addition to a full course load (including a demanding independent study that has resulted in presentation at two conferences this semester [...]

A Bamboo Kind of Growth

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. Its ability to divide its cells, connect, and spread its rhizome roots surpasses any other plant species. When it’s planted, the [...]

Susan Boyle Shows Up

When it comes to success, we are the Susan Boyle generation. You remember her, right? The awkward, middle-aged Scottish woman whose operatic turn on Britain’s Got Talent got watched about [...]

Progress Over Perfection and Living Small While Chasing Big Dreams

I’m a perfectionist in recovery and an idealist.  I dream big, but sometimes don’t know where to start.  I have grand ideas on how to change the world, but many [...]

The Hidden Process

 For those of us who pursue photography as a career, it requires us to consistently take risks and make little leaps of faith. It’s these risks that hurdles us forward over [...]

Do Something

I leave for a two-month stay at a monastery in the high desert of New Mexico today. No, I’m not a monk. I’m not even Orthodox Christian, which is the [...]

Being Real

My love affair with photography began in college. Entering my university’s culture of experimental, fearless and avant-garde art-makers was inspiring. It also made me want to shove all my photographs [...]

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