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In 2012, Victor took a Leap…

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Some Background

Learning to risk. Risking to Learn.

In 2012, Victor left a job he loved to create his own version of a Masters Program — 12 experiences in 12 months that revolved around design, business and social change. His project took him all over the world to serve incredible companies and individuals, all while learning practical ways to make the world a better place.

A Community of Leapers

As he began, he realized that a lot of people were talking about risks they want to take to create change. 2012 was going to be a Leap Year.

With that, The Leap Year Project was born. As Victor traveled, he and some great friends built this website to challenge others to take Leaps of their own. Some people did things for their families, their communities, their businesses, and even just themselves.

All of the projects were full of hope, adversity, and beauty. At the end, we created a book of our stories and Victor staged his graduation and told the entire story at TEDx in Chicago.

Let’s keep leaping, together.

Now, we’ve got a plan to help us continue to learn and leap together. Focus on seeing your leaps through to their greatest potential by engaging our weekly blog posts centered on challenging and inspiring topics. Then, share your insights with a community of like-minded individuals on the 29th of every month at a Leap Night near you! Or, host one of your own.

What about February? And what happens in 2016?

That’s a great question! Leap Nights don’t happen in February because February only has 28 days. That is, until 2016. And on that Leap Night in 2016, we’ll use all of the things we’ve been learning and team up with the people we’ve been meeting to re-launch this project and ask everyone to take one Leap to change something in their world. It’s going to be a fun year. So stick around.

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Meet the Leapers

In 2012, more than 200 people took a leap to change their lives or their community.
Read their stories and be inspired to attempt your own.